So I Moved Out

Happy Almost Friday! It’s been awhile (and do not start singing Staind like my boyfriend did… I HATE THAT SONG). So by the title I am guessing you can tell that I have had a major life change within the past month. I (finally as my mom would say) moved out!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

I was blessed enough to have parents who let me be a mooch for 23 years of my life. I say mooch, but that sounds harsh… I took care of myself and always had a job. 😉 But my parents always supported me when I needed it, gave me a roof and a shower, and somehow always had the things I needed. Due to me living with them, I had the opportunity to save enough money to buy a home.

Now, let me tell you home ownership has been a wild ride and it has only been six weeks. You never realize all of what you need while living at your parents, you just don’t think of things like bandaids, a can opener, a paper towel holder or even paper towels! My first trip to the grocery store only included… dun, dun, dun… groceries. We did not by paper towels, laundry detergent, hand soap… and missed plenty of other things. The only reason I had toilet paper was because my mother donated it to us!

It hasn’t been all bad, but it is funny to think of all the things my parents had and why. While living there, all I thought was “wow this place is cluttered” and my dad would respond with “you never know when you’ll need it”. Well, he was halfway right (he’s a lightweight hoarder, you don’t need 10 empty boxes of litter lol).

I know what you’re thinking… have a house warming party. This is something we will do, eventually. I want the place to be perfect before I have a load of people inside. Ya know?

I have enjoyed every single bit of this though. I do not regret a thing. I cannot wait to make this house my home and experience the troubles and triumphs ahead.

What advice do you have for someone who just left the nest? Comment below!