National Best Friend Day Giveaway

Best friends. They are the people you can count on to deliver tough honesty (that you probably need), hang around on the couch doing absolutely nothing, and share all of your secrets with. Well today is #NationalBestFriendDay ! and I want to celebrate with my very first giveaway here on LaylaLiving. 

Personally, it just so happens that there is one common thing between me and a few of my best friends… we played soccer together. So what better way to celebrate this day than to give away two FC Cincinnati vs. Columbus Crew tickets for you to take your best friend! It is next Wednesday, June 14th at 7pm. This is definitely a game you do not want to miss.

Here is how you enter:

1.     Subscribe to my blog.

2.     Comment below where you met your best friend!

I will be posting the winner on my Instagram story at 8pm EST on Sunday night, so make sure you follow me there & stay tuned! If you win, just respond to the Instagram story and I will provide further details. The winner will be chosen at random. All is fair in love and giveaways. 🙂

“You don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.”

17 thoughts on “National Best Friend Day Giveaway

  1. My best friend is the hubby 🙂 met him at the pool but I think he says randomly on tower Ave. I don’t really remember that ?

    1. I am not even sure what Corey would say! He would probably say Albert street since we both lived there, but I think we really met at school. lol

  2. My best friend is my boyfriend. We actually met on Tinder, which of course i swore I would never do. Hes pretty wonderful though ?

    1. It’s always nice when your boyfriend and best friend are wrapped all in one. 🙂

  3. If I’m being completely honest, it would be my hubby as well but if I were to win I’d take my bestie Kayla. She and I are cousins by marriage but started connecting more when I moved to Elmwood way back in junior high! Husbands need to be a wife’s best friend but there’s nothing like a bond between two gal pals ?

    1. A gal pal friendship is something special. I think my girlfriends would probably be upset with me if I didn’t include them of my list of best friends!

  4. I met my best friend through a shitty ex-boyfriend lol! Her and I were the only ones in our groups of friends who stayed in Cincinnati for college, therefore we both felt pretty lonely and he hooked us up. I guess that’s one positive thing from him ?

  5. Me and my BFF met 66 yrs ago when her family moved across the street from us. We’ve been through marriages, divorces, ups and downs. Were pregnant with our first child together and they were born 2 weeks apart. She’s more than a friend, she’s like a sister ❤

  6. Would definitely have to be my nephew CJ. Met the dude the day he was born ?

  7. I met my best friend on my first day of first grade and we’ve been friends ever since ?

  8. My best friend is Jake and you know we’re together when we start arguing about something totally out of left field. We met in kindergarten and have been through thick and thin ever since.

  9. My best friend is Mo and Megan.. These two ladies have been there for me through a ton… both met them through our kids football and cheerleading organization!

  10. I met my best friends through the love we have for our kids and the love we have for their sports: swim and soccer!

    1. Fortunately I have many best friends most of whom I have meet through my kids and their activities. I define them as the people I know will always be there no matter what. To l pick me up whe n I am down and cheer for me no matter what. That is my definition of my best friends. Love them.

  11. I met my best friend at birth! She has been my ride or die since way back in the day day!

  12. I meet my best friend in our backyards which connect. I meet her when we were about 7. We have been Friends for 6 years now.

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