DIY Mason Jar Sconce Flower Holder

Hello my lovelies! Now that I own a home, I have realized that homes are expensive, and so is decorating them. I browse Pinterest all the time looking for decorative pieces that look like something I could create myself.

One day I stumbled upon this photo:

I immediately thought “Hey I can make that myself!” (or at least something similar). 😉 & soon this DIY was born.

To learn how to make these beautiful wall sconces – keep reading! 🙂

All you need for this project is:

    • Old wood – for my Cincinnatian’s, I found my old pieces of wood for free in Hartwell on Caldwell Avenue.
    • Wood Stain (I had leftover from another project)
    • 2 Hose Clamps
    • 2 Mason Jars (I found a few lying around my house – thanks Julia!)
    • Battery Operated Lights
    • Wood Screws
    • Nailless Saw Tooth Hangers
    • Fake Flowers – I found mine at Dollar Tree

First I made sure all of the nails were out of the old wood that I bought. I then sawed both pieces of wood to be the same length (I did not measure – sorry y’all!). You can pretty much eyeball this, I knew I wanted to have tall flowers and so I made the wood about the two and a half mason jars in length.

I then went onto stain the wood, I let the stain dry two nights (unneccessary really, just read the stain instructions).

Once the stain is dry, you’ll want to hammer in your saw tooth picture hanger. I tried command strips… but for some reason they just did not want to stick to the wood. It’s okay though, the picture hanger ended up being easier, cheaper and worked a lot better.

The next step is to fit those hose clamps just right onto the mason jars. I wanted there to be enough room so that the mason jars could slide in and out. Now, you could just buy the right size hose clamps… I happened to go the cheap route and buy the least expensive ones on Amazon and then resize them to fit the mason jar. This is easy, you just use a screwdriver to make the clamp smaller, but then I had to break off the excess clamp.

Next, I needed a little muscle… Corey did this part for me. 🙂 He used a drill bit to create a hole in the hose clamps. This is so we could later screw the clamps onto the wood. We also went ahead and put a hole in the wood as well, where we would screw the hose clamp on.


Lastly, we assemble! I screwed the hose clamp onto the wood and inserted the mason jar with the lights inside of it. I grabbed my dollar tree flowers and assembled them (I cut them out of the bunches so I could make whatever arrangement I please). & hung it up!

I would say the final outcome was pretty good. I love the way these look along side my kitchen window.

What are some of your favorite DIY decorations? Comment below!

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10 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Sconce Flower Holder

    1. If you do, you have to tag me on instagram @lnhelton14 so I can see it. I am hoping to see other people’s flower arrangements, it’s my favorite part. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Teona! They turned out even better than I planned. I’m not normally so crafty.

    1. Oooo, do you have a picture?! I would love to see those. I am sure they would make great gifts too.

    1. Me too! Something about a mason jar always makes me think of home. & I seem to always have them lying around the house!

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